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The oil cleansing method: How to do it.

This is usually done before bed. And honestly, I don’t do it every night. Since I stopped wearing makeup I don’t feel like my face gets that dirty. Often a couple of splashes of cold water will do the trick. But then there are days where it’s extra hot, or my daughter gets snot all over me, or I just need a pick-me-up. This is where the oil cleansing method really feels luxurious.

Of course, if you do wear make up this is the perfect way to take your cosmetics off. (yay!)

Choosing your oil blend:

There are a lot of different oils that work for this. The most common oils are probably a combination of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil. Depending on your skin type you’ll use the following ratio:

  • Dry skin: 3:1 ratio olive oil to castor oil
  • Normal skin: 1:1 ratio of olive oil to castor oil
  • Oily skin: 1:3 ratio olive oil to castor oil

What you’ll need:

  • a soft washcloth
  • your oil blend
  • hot water

The method:

  1. Pour a generous puddle of oil into the palm of your hand (a little bit more than the size of a quarter). Rub your hands together to warm the oil up and then smooth it over your face.
  2. Massage the oil into your face for a couple of minutes. Not only will this remove makeup, dirt, or toddler snot, but it will also help relax the muscles and tone the skin. Take your time, using slow and firm motions, to massage the oil deep into your pores. Take specific care to work any problem areas. Enjoy this time.
  3. Once you feel like your pores are fully saturated, pick up your washcloth and soak it in clean, hot (but not scolding) water. The warm washcloth will help open your pores and remove the oil. Place the washcloth over your face. Leave it there for 10 – 20 seconds to open the pores.
  4. Gently wipe the oil away and rinse the washcloth out. Wipe and rinse two or three times until you feel like the excess oil is off your face. Don’t scrub.
  5. If you skin feels too tight or dry when you are done, take a couple of drops of your oil blend and rub it between your hands. Then simply massage the oil residue onto your face. No need for commercial moisturizers! This is an all-in-one product!

The lazy person’s guide to the oil cleansing method

Just in case the above procedures looks too long and daunting, don’t worry! Basically the whole process can be summed in this simple single sentence direction:

Oil your face, rub it in, and gently wipe it off

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